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Who we are?

Global Elite Networking 2.0, is a part of the Workforce Project Company. We are expert marketers and specialists on the Internet arena. We earn our income through different internet products, networks, etc. We work with a broad scope of products ranging from........



Online dating is growing at amazing rates and is going to keep doing so since digital natives are growing older and online dating is all they know. That's why we have chosen this sector to work with.


Healthcare is a sector that is never going to decay because who does not get sick, duh? But we tend to look more for innovations and helping to promote products that help people and change their lifes.

Weight Loss

There are thousands of weight loss products on the market, trying to find the right one can be a daunting experience. However,there are some companies with years of experience in the diet, nutrition industry that know what they are doing and we work with those.


Gaming is everyday becoming a part of everyones lifes thanks to the penetration rates of smartphones and tablets. So our aim is also on these promising sector.

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